Activity holiday

Extreme hike:

Hiking trail along the seashore has lots of obstacles. You can enjoy the scenery of the Baltic Clint and ancient forest. We will take you to the starting point by bus and choose a suitable trail considering your abilities. Along the seashore we will return to Toila and Motovilla. On the way you can see sea washed logs and streams. Depending on weather you may go swimming at the beach. Enjoyable physical exercise and aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed.

Nordic walking with walking poles:

You can lend walking poles and go Nordic walking. You can take a walk to Aluoja cascades, Toila park, harbour and location of historic Oru palace, which was destroyed during the Second World War, etc.


Next to Motovilla, there is Pühajõe motocross track, where motocross and motor sled competitions are held. Guests may watch for motorcross events from glass balconies. Riders can also visit tracks in Illuka and Kiviõli. Those three tracks give chance to try clay, sand and fast world championships´ tracks.


Get a wild hunting experience with local hunters. We will arrange the hunt, transportation and catering.