House rules

1. The Client must follow the House Rules and use the property of Motovilla with respect and care. The Client will be charged for causing any damage, loss or need for extra cleaning. The Renter has the right to charge the Client the cost of additional expenses and any damage caused to the property in amount that is not covered by insurance.

2. The Client is not allowed to bring additional people to Motovilla.

3. The Client must obey the laws of the Republic of Estonia, the legal orders and demands of police and/or property owner´s representative (including security guards). The Renter has the right to send the Client and/or additional people away, who don´t follow that rule, by terminating the Client Contract. The Client will be charged for accommodation and other used services.

4. The Client is responsible for any damage caused to the Renter. The Client will be charged for the cost of replacing or repairing any items that are damaged on the property of the Renter (bedclothes, towels, TVs, furniture, doors, windows, tableware etc).

5. The Client must use the rooms, furniture, tableware, etc. according to their intended purpose. Moving the furniture is not allowed. Cooking or using kitchenware in the rooms is not allowed.

6. The Client may use only public or reserved rooms. The Client may not enter any other room.

7. The Client must leave the common rooms and outside area clean and orderly after using them.

8. The Client´s clothing and footwear should be free of dirt before entering the house.

9. Smoking is not allowed inside the house. Smoking is allowed in designated areas near exterior door and grill area.

10. Any gathering out of control, vandalism, disobeying the rules and other not allowed activities, organized by the Client, give the representative of the Renter the right to shut down the gathering and the Client will be charged for the costs of repairing or replacing the items that are damaged. No refunds will be made.

11. Before leaving, the Client must close doors and windows and turn off the lights in the rooms (the lights in the halls will turn off automatically).

12. Motovilla will not be considered responsible of any loss or theft of property belonging to the the Client.

13. Surveillance cameras are inside and outside the building. Since all technical systems in the building are monitored and managed automatically, do not attempt to regulate temperature, etc.

14. WIFi: motovillakylalised; no password required.

15. Clients have the right to personal privacy and non-disturbance. Quiet hours start at 11pm. No loud voices or music allowed inside or outside the building after this time.

Enjoy your stay!

If you need help: contact Motovilla (phone +372 53 022 058)




All the guests must follow the fire response procedures of Motovilla. Guests

1. must avoid any action that may cause fire or explosion;

2. must turn off any electrical equipment before leaving the house;

3. must check out the evacuation map, evacuation routes and locations of fire extinguishers;

4. must disallow children to use fire starters;

5. may smoke only in insignated areas outside the building;

6. may not place inflammable items on the cooker or in the sauna;

7. may not make an open fire where it´s not allowed. Open fire is allowed only in the insignated areas, but you may not leave before the fire is out;

8. may not use broken electrical equipment;

9. may not block or close evacuation routes or exit doors.

If the fire is discovered, everyone must follow the evacuation route and leave the building immediately. NB Doors open in the direction of escape easily and unobstructed.


1) call the emergency number 112 and give the details of the fire (location, where it started), your name and contact phone number;

2) Warn anyone in the area so they can get to safety. Sound the alarm if necessary;

3) Fight the fire only if you can do it safely with proper extinguishing materials;

4) Close all doors and windows of the area

5) Inform the Renter

When firefighters arrive inform them about:

1) starting point and location of the fire;

2) hazards for people;

3) other hazards.